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Services: Wasps

Some Interesting Information About Wasps

Wasps are easily identified with their yellow and black markings and feared by almost everyone!

Wasp nests are formed from chewed wood which is made into a paper maché type constructions.

Nests can be found inside and outside buildings, both above and below ground.

In the autumn / winter all the male and worker wasps die.

Only the Queen survives by over wintering in an old nest or a suitable site and will then begin a new colony in the spring, which may house up to 25,000 insects.

This colony of wasps can grow into thousands of them by the end of the season.

To help locate a nest on your property, look out for a busy flight path, this could be in the eaves of your house or somewhere in your garden.

Unlike bees, wasps do NOT swarm.


  • Bug Busters pest control can treat or remove a wasps nest for you using a wasp powder.
  • This is applied to the nest or the entry point.
  • The Wasps then walk on the dust which spreads it around and through the nesting area.
  • They then proceed to lick it off of themselves and death occurs between 1-3 hours.
Wasp nest