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July 25, 2020

Hornets appear very similar to common wasps, but are larger and coloured chestnut-brown (rather than black) and yellow. The largest of the British social wasps, they build papery nests in hollow trees, although hornet nests have been discovered in wall cavities and chimneys. The hornet’s life cycle is similar to that of the common wasp. […]

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What a Bumble Bee nest looks like

July 6, 2020

For those of you who don’t know what a Bumble Bee nest looks like this is it… new potatoes spring to mind… this one was relocated to somewhere quiet where they could get on with their happy little lives.

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How to get rid of wasps

April 23, 2020

Prevention is key if you want to avoid problems with wasps, especially during the summer months when they are most active.

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Do It Yourself Fly Control

April 23, 2020

Flies are bad news whether you find an infestation in your home or business. If left untreated flies can spread bacteria such as Salmonella and E.Coli.

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Keeping pests at bay in Covid-19 pandemic

April 23, 2020

Be vigilant to pest infestation during the Covid-19 crisis!!, Some local authorities struggle to maintain refuse collection services at this time.

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