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Services: Moths

Moths found in the house include the Brown House Moth and the White Shouldered House Moth.

Both these species attack materials, including cereals, textiles, cork and leather.

The Common Clothes Moth attacks animal products including wool, fur, leather and skins, biting off the fibres.

Signs of a moth problem

Often the first indication of a problem with moths will be damage to fabrics, but there are other warning signs too:

• Adult moths, which are often often crawling rather than flying
• Maggot-like larvae
• Silk cocoons in which moth larvae live before turning into moths.
• Moths may be observed flying around.


  • Bug Busters can use a wet insecticide spray or a dry fumigant to help reduce / eliminate moths, you will need to vacate the treatment area for 2-4 hours and any heavy furniture will have to be moved in order to reach the affected area if the infestation is in the carpet.
common clothes moth